The Future of Video Online

This video player allows you all kinds of control

  1. Add any message or image that will display when someone pauses the video
  2. Add email opt-in forms. Have then display at the beginning, anytime in the middle or at the end of the video
  3. Add your own logo to the video (just like YouTube does)
  4. We have a large selection of player controls… or, select none at all so the visitor cannot stop your video
  5. Allow crystal clear, full screen view of your video
  6. Create one or more pop-up messages at any point in the video. Decide how long to display each
  7. Social sharing links at the bottom right corner of the video makes it easy for your visitors to share – Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  8. Cause the video to redirect to ANYWHERE on the internet when the video finishes playing (like your website, Facebook or contact form)
  9. We can even make the video auto-pause if your visitor changes windows. It starts back up when they return!

That's a pretty impressive list of features but we're not done. We may have saved the best for last.

We can even "split test" videos.

That means, if you have two videos and you want to know which one sells the best, we can help.

All we do is place your two videos into our "splitter" and it will automatically serve one then the other as different visitors come to your site. All we do is set a date when the test is considered through. Once it determines which one produces better results after the test completes – based on either the most played or average time watched – it will start serving the better of the two automatically from that point forward.

Now you can feel comfortable that your visitors will see the one that converts best for your website.

How cool is that?

Contact us at 352.577-2215 for more details or email us at

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